Details of Project

  • Product: Logos
  • Tools Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat
  • Link to Portfolio: Visit Page

Things we completed

  • Initial Designs
  • Revisions
  • Supplied Final Files

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Your logo design is an extremely important part of your business. To customers, it is the image that identifies and reminds them of a product, service or company. To business owners, it is the branding & identity of their company.  There are so many logos out there, how can you make your company stand out?  With a great, memorable logo design.

You logo needs to be simple...don't try to convey too much about the company in the logo.  It needs to work in a variety of mediums and applications.  One good thing to keep in mind - if you logo works in one color (just black), it will work in full color.  Your logo also needs to appropriate & applicable to your business.  We don't provide a set price for our logo design service because there are so many variables involved.  Every company has different needs & expectations on their logo design.  There are different numbers of initial designs and revisions required as well as the overall simplicity or complexity of the design.  Fill out a request form today & let us get started on estimating your logo design project.

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