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The talent we use is pre-screened to assure the highest quality work at the best possible value. Click on our Portfolio to view some of the work developed by our Creative Pros.  By Pros, we not only mean designer with years of experience, we evaluate their individual portfolios of work before we bring them on board.  We want to make sure that the high quality standards our customers expect can be delivered by each and every one of our designers.

Because our entire system is built on the dazzling effectiveness of Adobe’s Acrobat technology, all our Graphic Designers are fluent in working with PDF files of all kinds - from low-resolution proof files all the way to high-resolution CMYK files that are ready to go to a commercial printer, newspaper or other print vendor.  Our Designers are also experienced with the creation of Interactive PDF files.  If you need a design that you will share electronically with links to your website, Mp3 files of your band's songs, or any number of other things, our designers can do it.  Just complete a Custom Project request form and we will take it from there.

Thanks to the fact that there are literally 10’s of thousands of Graphic Design professionals - some 80% of whom are estimated to do freelance work either as a core business or in addition to their day jobs, clients everywhere can tap into this stream to get great quality Creative at extremely reasonable prices - powered by the streamlined processes employed by

We are always looking to expand our relationships with Creative Pros to develop the work our clients request.

If you’d like to be notified of opportunity to work with us, please submit your name and email address in our Contact Form and we’ll contact you when we’re ready to increase our talent pool.

Our Creative pros have years of experience in the Graphic Design industry. If you want to get a better idea of what Jones Creative Solutions can do for you & your business, click on our Portfolio link to view some of the great designs created by our talented group of designers.

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