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Thanks for your continued support of PDFriendly.com.  We would not be here without you, our valued customers.

We are very excited to announce a change coming soon to our site.  We are changing our name to JonesCreativeSolutions.  Don't worry - the level of service you have come to expect from us will not decrease, in fact, we are making it better.  We have always strived to provide the best customer service over the years and have built many long-term relationships with our clients.  We are just looking to take it to the next level.

When we started PDFriendly, it was built on the concept of providing affordable, high quality graphic design to small businesses who did not have or could not afford an agency.  We focused on the new technology of the Adobe PDF and their Acrobat program that was changing the way printers, newspapers and other print media vendors accepted computer graphics files.  Just a few short years ago, PDF files were not the norm in the printing industry, but they have become today.  So, then - why would we be changing our name away from something that contains PDF in it?  Great question...over the years, we have had so many people ask how to pronounce the name, why it does not have 2 "f"s in it, etc.  It just seemed a bit confusing to a lot of folks especially with the fact that almost every print vendor is now "PDF Friendly".  We realized that the site was so much more to our customers than just a quick "down & dirty" design site - we were providing our customers with much more personalized service and more often than not, doing much more for them than the agreed to initial details of the project.  We were providing the same level of service that we did with our face to face clients at Jones Creative Solutions, LLC - that we just decided that it made more sense to just provide that personalized level of service to all of our clients up front.  Just because a client is only having us design a single newspaper ad, does not mean that their project is any less important to their business as the multi-ad campaign that we may be designing for another client.  We value all of our clients and want to do the best possible job for each one of them, no matter how much they are spending on one particular project.  We have built our business on the simple concept of preferring to provide high quality service at a lower price and gain a long-term client than to make a larger amount on a single project and never receive anything else from that client again.

You can see from our portfolio that we use the best designers and we provide high quality designs to our clients, large and small.  We hope that you continue to use our services for years to come and we can continue to create successful designs for you.  If you are new to the site - welcome!  We hope to start designing some great projects for you soon!

Thanks again for coming to our site - we hope to hear from you soon!

Jeff Jones 25-Jan-2017 0 Comments
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