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What is Jones Creative Solutions?

Jones Creative Solutions is a full service Graphic Design & Creative Consultation agency. We specialize in print advertising development, logo design, online banner ad design, marketing & ad campaign development.  Our Senior Management Team has over 50 years combined experience in the Advertising and Marketing Fields. 

We want to be the "Creative Consultants" for your company.  We don't want to just design an ad for you (although, if that is what you need...we will be more than happy to do that for you), we want to learn about your company, what your specific needs are and develop a specialized campaign to meet those needs.  You might need to do some web banner ads, or maybe an interactive pdf that you can send to potential clients, or perhaps it's direct mail postcards or newspaper ads.  Let us set up a FREE Consultation with you to discuss your business needs and we can come up with a plan together that you are comfortable with and go from there.

Jeff Jones (Owner & Lead Designer) started Jones Creative Solutions as a side business in 2000. In 2005, after 13 years at ADVO where Jeff served initially as a Creative Artist and then as Regional Creative Director (responsible for a team of 6 Creative Artists serving over 160 sales reps & hundreds of clients), Jeff left ADVO and devoted his energies to Jones Creative Solutions full time. For the past 11 years, Jeff has been focused on providing great design and customer service to an every growing, loyal customer base. In addition to Jeff, we have another former ADVO/Valassis Creative Director, Jeff Thomsen as a Senior Partner & Designer.  We also partner with carefully selected Creative Professionals from across the country as needed, depending on the project at hand to make sure we have the proper skill-set and experience to completely satisfy our customers . We have never missed a deadline so far and our goal is to never miss one while keeping our clients thrilled with our designs. We currently handle a diverse base of clients ranging from jewelry stores to automotive repair centers to restaurants to communications companies to home builders and many more

Why did we change our name?

When we started PDFriendly.com, we were using the site primarily to attract customers that were too small to have their own agency and did not have the technology or knowledge to create PDF files.  Over the years, we have found that our client base was much more diverse than that and were looking for more of a personalized level of service - that same level of service that we give to our face-to-face clients at Jones Creative Solutions, LLC.  We decided that it no longer made sense to have two separate sites when we were delivering the same service to all of our clients, so we chose the name that speaks more to what we provide "Creative Solutions" rather than just another online site that can generate PDF files of ads to send to a newspaper.  We are so much more than that and are excited to bring that expertise to our ever expanding client base.


We want it to be easy!

Three Simple Steps:

1. Contact us for a Consultation   2. Proof your design   3. Approve & pay

There are lots of components to an ad, logo, or any graphic design...we want to make the process as simple for you as possible.  There really are only 3 steps.  Once we have our consultation with you (either via phone or email) and discuss your project and the estimate for completing it, will send you a link to make your 50% deposit payment.  Our designers will get started as soon as we have received payment and you will have a proof within 72 hours.  You then make revisions or approve your design.  Once you have approved it, we will send you a like to make your balance payment and we will then send you the hi-res press ready file.  Easy as that.

You have enough to worry about without having to design your own artwork...you might be great at it & have a really good idea of what you want the ad to look like - that's great and even helps make our job easier.  When you submit your request form, you can provide us with as much detail as you have.  If you have specific text you want in the ad, just type it in...got a favorite photo of your store? Attach it to the form.  If you've got an entire layout you put together in PowerPoint or Word, you can attach that to the request form as well.  Do you just want us to come up with something brand new for you? We can do that too.  You just let us know what you need and our highly skilled Creative Pros will do the rest.

The designers:

Click on "Creative Pros" to learn more about the folks who are really the stars of the show...

Contact Details

Address: 3917 Fieldside Circle, Louisville KY, 40299

Email: contact@jonescreativesolutions.com

Phone: 502.541.5756

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